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Kevin Humphreys TD, Minister of State at Department of Social Protection, launched the publication of a new toolkit “Engaging Men as Partners & Participants: Guiding Principles, Strategies, and Perspectives for Community Initiatives & Holistic Partnerships” based on Men’s Health and Wellbeing Programme (MHWP) – a neighborhood-based mostly health promotion programme for unemployed men in one among Dublin’s inner-city communities. An article in “CHANGE”, Oct. 1981 states that Rita Ricardo “helped shape Reagans considering on social security and national health insurance”, each of which are utilized as taxation on the staff revenue. The top of Reagans Presidential Transition Team on cabinet appointments in 1980 was W. Glenn Campbell, Harvard graduate and head of Hoover Institution; Reagans adviser on social security was his spouse, Rita Ricardo Campbell. In June, 1981, Hoover Institution held a gala reception on the Sheraton Carlton in Washington, with many White House officials present. 1933 on, changing into emeritus in 1955, director of Hoovers Belgian American Educational Foundation 1943-64, and chairman of the Pacific Council of IPR 1953-61 during the period when the FBI arrested a number of IPR executives and charged them with espionage. NATO 1973-74, director of Sears, and Institute of Strategic Studies, London. Food Administration, Julius H. Barnes, chairman of the Schroder Bank, which was to soon win notoriety as Hitlers private financial institution.

Food Administration, grew to become president of J.Henry Schroder Banking Corp. 1922. Julius H. Barnes, one other Hoover affiliate, turned Chairman of J. Henry Schroder Bank. Und Sec. State Herbert Hoover Jr. and Sec. Sec. Treasury; Richard V. Allen, who had been on the employees of the Hoover Institution since 1966, served on National Security Council 1969, dep. Sec. AF 1950-51, Chmn AEC 1958-60, director CIA 1961-65; N. Loyall McLaren, president of the billion dollar James Irvine Foundation, was treasurer of the UN Conference at San Francisco 1945 underneath Alger Hiss, was additionally appointed to Allied Commission on Reparations 1945; Jeremiah Milbank, New York financier, head of the Milbank Foundation and director Chase Manhattan Bank; George C. Montgomery, chairman of Kern County Land Co.; William I. Nichols, publisher of THIS WEEK, served with War Production Board 1942-45; David Packard, chmn Hewlett-Packard – his private fortune increased by $1 billion in 1983; Richard M. Scaife, vice pres. Aiding Adams have been Dr. Alonzo Engelbert Tyler, who had been educated on the University of Berlin, served on War Commerce Board 1917-19, and staff member of Stanford Meals Analysis Institute; Dr. Carl Baruch Alsberg, additionally educated at University of Berlin, worked for the Dept. of Agriculture; and Dr. Joseph Stancliffe Davis, a Harvard professor of economics.

Cato gave a two 12 months grant to Rothbard to write a book, “For a brand new Liberty”, which says, “Before World War II, so devoted was Stalin to peace that he failed to make adequate provision towards Nazi attack.” Rothbard should have said, “So devoted was Stalin to homicide that he killed most of his Army officers, leaving him weak to Nazi attack.” Rothbard asserts that the U.S. The American Enterprise Institute was founded by William J. Baroody and Milton Friedman in 1943; Baroody left in 1978 to take over the 87 million a yr Center for Strategic and International Studies at Georgetown. Burns then introduced in his protege, Milton Friedman, who has proposed that we legalize the sale of dope to boost $one hundred billion a 12 months for the GNP. Nobody has ever discovered who was paying them. She is routinely talked about by way of fulsome praise such as the Communist Party used to reserve for Stalin; National Review gushes over her, and also raves about “the ever gallant, charming, freedom-loving Friedmans” whose “energy, lucidity and patience” awes Buckleys propagandists.

His son, William Jr. former adviser to President Nixon, took over AEI and its employees of 150. Jr. was adm. When he took over the Dept. of Commerce, it was a fairly modern organization. He took the Bureau of Mines from Interior. He had taken his undergraduate degree from Stanford 1906. He had served as vice chmn Hoover Library beneath Adams 1920-25. Harold H. Fisher was director Hoover Library 1944-52. He had been deputy director of American Relief Administration. The Information to the Hoover Institution, printed in 1980, notes that Rita Campbell is Archivist; Robert Hessen is Deputy Archivist. She is the wife of veteran intelligence operative Evron Kirkpatrick, OSS 1945, intelligence specialist Dept. of State 1946-fifty four as chief psychological intelligence analysis employees specializing in behavioural science (individuals management). In 1964, Campbell and other Hoover personnel have been the chief advisers of the Goldwater marketing campaign; within two a long time that they had turn out to be essentially the most influential policy-makers at the White House. In his Foreword to The Particular Assortment of the Hoover Library, Hoover says that he recruited 1500 officers from the American Army, and the Supreme Financial Council, and despatched them to all components of Europe. 25, 1961, listing among those current Jacques Rueff, economic director of France, Pedro Beltran, president of Peru, Sen. The present star of the Hoover Institution is Milton Friedman, who’s credited with bringing financial disaster to Chile, Israel, the United States, and different countries during which his “monetarist” theories have been introduced.